State Legislation

StatehouseThe OOA works to protect the physician-patient relationship and advocates to preserve the physician-led health care team in state law.

We are fighting on the front line at the Ohio Statehouse in battles involving practice regulation, Medicaid reimbursement, BWC compensation, tort reform and HMO/insurance company regulation to name a few. These areas of your practice are controlled by the states, not the federal government.

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For information about Congressional bills and regulatory issues at the federal level, check the American Osteopathic Association Action Center.


Legislative Roundup

Meet the Challenge

[March 17, 2023]

The OOPAC Challenge pits the ten OOA district academies against each other for fundraising bragging rights.

State Budget Debate Begins

[February 24, 2023]

The Ohio House of Representatives finance committees have started reviewing the biennial budget (HB 33) as proposed by Gov. Mike DeWine. DeWine’s cabinet directors and other agency officials have appeared before the committees.

Surprise Outcome in House Speaker Vote

[January 10, 2023]

Rep. Jason Stephens, a Republican from southern Ohio, was elected to lead the Ohio House of Representatives last week in a vote that surprised many.

OOPAC Surveys Legislative Candidates

[October 19, 2022]

For the third consecutive general election, the Ohio Osteopathic Political Action Committee has issued a health care questionnaire to all candidates for the Ohio General Assembly.

New State Law Expands Breast Cancer Screening

[September 23, 2022]

HB 371 was signed into law in June and becomes effective today.

New Law Takes Effect Next Week

[September 16, 2022]

HB 193, signed into law by Gov. Mike DeWine in June, requires that a prescriber issue an electronic prescription when prescribing a Schedule II controlled substance.

OOA Supports HB 135

[July 22, 2022]

The bill was unanimously passed by the House of Representatives in March. Advocates for the bill are hoping the state Senate takes up the bill in September after its summer recess.

Top 10

[September 2, 2021]

The OOA follows dozens of health-related bills in the Ohio General Assembly. This listing identifies the top ten priority bills.

Ohio House Expels Former Speaker

[June 16, 2021]

The Ohio House of Representatives voted, 75-21, to expel Rep. Larry Householder. Householder was indicted last year as part of a federal investigation into a $60 million bribery scheme related to passage of HB 6, an energy bill that supported two Ohio nuclear power plants.

Ohio Senate Considers Noncompete Agreements

[May 14, 2021]

SB 150 would ban noncompete agreements for Ohio physicians as a condition of employment.

New General Assembly Sworn In

[January 8, 2021]

The 134th Ohio General Assembly convened for the first time on Monday, January 4. It marks the start of the new two-year session.

Senate Committee Continues Hearings on Racism as a Public Health Crisis

[June 24, 2020]

The Ohio Senate Health, Human Services & Medicaid Committee met today for several hours with SCR 14, which would declare racism a public health crisis, occupying much of the agenda.