James F. Sosnowski, DO, Distinguished Service Award

The COA's highest honor is presented annually to a member in memory of the only osteopathic physician killed in action in Vietnam. The award, established in 1988, honors those who have made lifelong contributions to the osteopathic profession and/or the community. The recipient may be retired from active practice.

Captain James F. Sosnowski, DO, was killed February 16, 1968, when a mortar shell directly hit the makeshift field hospital near Tay Ninh, Vietnam, where he was examining an American soldier. Both he and his patient were killed instantly. Dr. Sosnowski was two weeks shy of his 28th birthday.

Dr. Sosnowski was a resident in Internal Medicine at Doctors Hospital and entered the military in 1967 during the first draft of osteopathic physicians. He was the first Doctors Hospital staff member to lose his life in the service of his country and the only DO listed on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.

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